Paštašuta sa mušuljama

11.05.2022 agrrazd (0) Comments


2 kg of mussels

1 chipule

4 cloves of garlic

3-4 tomatoes

40 dag paste

A bunch of parsley

Salt, pepper

Cheese gratin

Meal preparation:

Clean, wash and open two kilos of mussels on the fire. Remove the mussel meat from the shells. Save a few shells to decorate the dish. Sauté the chopped chives in a separate pan, and when they turn yellow, add four cloves of chopped garlic and four crushed tomatoes. (Scald the tomatoes with hot water, clean and chop them, then puree them through a food processor. The substitute is chopped tomatoes from a can or tomato sauce). Cook for ten minutes and add mussels. Mix gently and continue cooking for another twenty minutes, then add a chopped bunch of parsley, a little salt and pepper. Separately cook the pashto of your choice, strain it and cover it with mussel sauce.