Zadar County Rural Development Agency (AGRRA)

The Agency for Rural Development of Zadar County (AGRRA), the project holder, is a public institution established by Zadar County with the aim of informing, coordinating and implementing the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 and strengthening the human and financial resources of regional and local self-government and the organization of policy implementation institutions. and rural development programs, as well as for their active involvement in the design and implementation of rural development programs and measures at the local level. AGRRA will play a key role in the project in coordinating partners, will actively participate in all project activities and work packages.

+385 (0)23 628 454

Ivana Mažuranića 28A, 23000 Zadar, Hrvatska

Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports HNŽ-K

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports HNŽ-K, project partner number 2, performs administrative and professional tasks, and consists of three basic organizational units: the Ministry’s office, sectors and the inspectorate. The Ministry consists of a total of 35 employees, with various educations, who have extensive experience in implementing projects. Through various sectors, the Ministry covers all areas of education, from pre-school to higher education, with the task of ensuring an accessible system of upbringing and education, which is inclusive and accessible to all.

+387 (0)36 334-400

Stjepana Radića 3, Mostar 88000, Bosna i Hercegovina

Municipality of Tivat

Project partner number 3. is the Municipality of Tivat, the fastest growing municipality in Montenegro, which is entirely dedicated to the development of tourism. A stable municipal budget and good political relations created a favorable environment for the development of the municipality. The municipality of Tivat founded two tourism companies “Brand new Tivat” and “Tourist organization of Tivat”.

+382 (0)32/661-300

Trg Magnolija 1, 85320 Tivat, Crna Gora

Zadar County

Zadar County, Administrative Department for Agriculture, Fisheries, Water Management, Rural and Island Development, 4. project partner on the “CUHaCHA” project As the holder of the regional government, Zadar County carries out various activities that significantly contribute to development. This includes management of the sectors of the economy, agriculture, education, health, spatial planning, environmental protection, etc. in addition to the above

+385 (0)23/350-350

Božidara Petranovića 8, 23000 Zadar, Hrvatska